COVID-19 Disclosure

We strive to provide a safe environment in accordance with the directives of the health authorities. Our protocols are monitored and improved on a daily basis with the support of our partner and supplier Ecolab, the world’s leading provider of professional hygiene.

Common areas

The strictest protocols have been adopted in the common areas of Hotel Europa.

The surfaces are sanitized more frequently, by dedicated personnel and with specific detergents. Hand sanitizer is available to guests in all public areas, as well as directions for social distancing.

Guest rooms

The cleanliness of the rooms meets strict standards.

Disinfection is carried out with specific Ecolab products, paying particular attention to all surfaces: from furniture to light switches and handles

New security technologies

We have implemented technological solutions to comply with security measures, including a termoscanner for access control.

Positioned at the entrance, the termoscanner detects and signals the presence of individuals who show signs of fever. This technology also works in case of people moving, thus avoiding slowdowns and queues.